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” Acharya Pramod Krishnam ji was also born at holy land of Sambhal, gram Achoda Kamboh in tyagi Brahmin family. Acharya ji established Shri Kalki ...

Your life took an important twist when you met Swami Muktanand ji in Utterkashi and Gangotri in Himalya, during your practice. For many months you did practice with him. Then by indulgence of God, you did Atmabodh. You heard Bhram Naad along with perception. Then you thought that lack of knowledge, deficiency, injustice, laziness and idleness are the main causes of plight of India. You planned the roadmap for your future life and determined to become Bhagirath of public service and to make Ganga of virtue flow on the earth. You gave preaching in your euphonic voice on Vedas, Puran, Upnishads, Geeta, Ramayan and many other religious books and also gave consolation to tired, effete and frustrated persons. “thak jata hai manav mann jab, Satguru tham lete hai tab”. “He becomes his source of inspiration and guide of life”.


Acharya Pramod Krishnam believes that in every day of life, one should do at least one work for the service of humanity. Every thing is for life, but even by giving up every thing one can not get life back. Nothing is more precious than life. So don’t waste time. It is better to spend your time in search of your inner joy, which is present in devotion of God. There are five parts of devotion (BHAKTI) :- (Matra Bhakti) Devotion of Mother, (Pitra Bhakti) Devotion of Father, (Guru Bhakti) Devotion of Guru, (Rashtra Bhakti) Devotion of Nation, (Ishvar Bhakti) Devotion of God. By including all of them devotion completes.

Acharya Pramod Krishnam has given thousands of discourses. Your cassettes and literatures are invaluable heritage of the society. You have shaken the society with your fundamental thinking. Natural thinking is returned back by you. Your succulent discourses connect humanitarian sensations and shows them the way of living by circulating a stream of hope in their frustrated hearts. You encourage adopting service to mankind, sumiran, swadhyay (self education), contentment and dedication in one’s routine life. Whether it is Lord Krishna or Tulsi or Soor or Bhudh or Mahaveer or Nanak or Tukaram Maharaj or Sahjobai or Karmabai or Dyabai or Meera, in philosopher Lautse, Rabia, Shekhfrid, Jorge Barnard Shao or Sweat Mardon, all of them are found to be discussed in your discourses. You took volition to establish Shri Kalki Dham on the holy land of Sambhal by donating all your property.

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